Lancaster House Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day

A Great Northern Institution

The great Yorkshire pudding. It’s almost an institution in its own right. But by whose stroke of genius did it come to be?


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Live Wedding Entertainment at The Wild Boar

We’ve had so many memorable weddings at The Wild Boar – each one carefully designed to reflect the couple’s characters and personality, and to provide a day to remember for their closest friends and family. What better way to do that than through music – it is the food of love after all! Regular contributors to our wedding parties, The Seals tell us a little about themselves and why they are perfect for any wedding celebration.

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Waterhead – Be Kind to Food Servers Month

January is Be Kind to Food Servers month and at Waterhead, we want to pay tribute to a great restaurant and bar team who work tirelessly every day of the year to go the extra mile, and be kind to our guests.

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Wild Boar Weddings that Hit the Target

Meet Mike Coates, part of The Wild Boar family and supplier of clay pigeon shooting for individuals, families and events. This has become a very popular wedding activity and a fun sport that can easily be incorporated into any of our Wild Boar weddings. Here, we ask Mike to tell us a little about his business and why couples are choosing to make shooting part of their wedding plans.

Mike at The Wild Boar
Mike at The Wild Boar

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Getting the Wedding Party Started at The Wild Boar

After the vows have been declared, a sumptuous meal enjoyed, nervous speeches delivered, it is time to party! DJ Gary Mills is a genius at getting folks onto the The Wild Boar dance floor for the evening and always seems to know just how to get that party started.

DJ Gary Mills with his faithful friend, Bracken

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Sam the Dog Gets Out and About in the Community

Guests at English Lakes Hotels, Resorts and Venues always find either Sam the Dog or Boris the Boar waiting to greet them in their bedroom at the hotels. These cuddly toys are there to welcome our junior guests, but can also be purchased and taken home. They have found their way all around the world – you may even have seen Sam’s exploits in space!

Sam the dog on the edge of Space
Sam the dog on the edge of Space

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The Wild Boar – Dressed in Flowers

It is so exciting to see the The Wild Boar Inn transformed with flowers on the day of a wedding, each couple putting a unique stamp on their chosen wedding venue. Katie of Made in Flowers can often be seen at The Wild Boar laden with flowers that have had the benefit of her amazing design skills, and placing them to best effect to create the perfect finishing touch.

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