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Cocktails at The Midland’s Rotunda Bar

26 Nov 2019
Planning an evening of cocktails with company at The Rotunda bar follows the footsteps of glamorous fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, who reportedly enjoyed The Midland’s hospitality. How the Rotunda Bar looked in Coco Chanel’s glamorous era Ms Chanel was known to say, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. Many other […]
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Things to do in Lancashire in the Winter

15 Nov 2019
Winter is a great time to take a hotel break in Lancashire and take advantage of the wonderful quality of light, the tranquillity of outdoor spaces and the colourful character of the many varied attractions and events. Here are a few of the best.   Blackpool Illuminations In a category all of its own, the […]
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Reasons to Book a City Break at Lancaster House

13 Nov 2019
Lancaster is a place steeped in history, with a vibrant arts and café culture as well as beautiful landscapes to discover. Here are a just a few reasons to visit this intriguing part of the country. Play in the Park Returns Back, promising to be better than ever, The Dukes’ entertainment-for-all ‘Play in the Park’ […]
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Bromance and Bravado in The Wild Boar Woods

12 Nov 2019
Bromance describes the unique male bonding found between ‘brothers from another mother’, whilst Bravado is “a show of courage, especially when unnecessary and dangerous, to make people admire you”. We think a spot of bravado and bromance are just the right ingredients for a perfect day in The Wild Boar woods. Add in a few outdoor activities and hey presto, you have […]
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Friends That Spa Together, Stay Healthy Together

12 Nov 2019
I’m sure we don’t need to convince you about the benefits of friendship! Having an ongoing heart-to-heart with your bestie, or with a group of friends, can help you cope in the bad times, give you a sense of belonging, boost happiness levels, and improve your self-confidence. Finding time to spend together in the busyness […]
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Things to do in the Lake District in winter

24 Oct 2019
Winter in the Lake District is magical, tranquil lakes and snowy mountain tops make the perfect winter retreat. The Lake District is one of the most outstandingly beautiful places in the UK, even more so in the winter. Many people visit the Lake District for spring and summer breaks and miss the true magic of […]
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6 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

23 Oct 2019
Don’t let wedding planning turn you into a bridezilla. We’ve got 6 essential wedding tips to help you plan your day without a hitch. From guest lists to dates, we’ve got it covered. We’re following the planning of Hayley and Michael’s wedding, tying the knot on 24th May 2020 at Lancaster House, to give you real […]
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Enjoy the Theatre and Arts when you stay at The Midland

21 Oct 2019
Morecambe is a hub of creativity, attracting artists, designers, musicians and actors to this beautiful stretch of coastline. The Midland enjoys the privileged position of being right in the heart of this artistic and cultural evolution. Take a look at what’s on our doorstep. Headlands To Headspace Sculptures  Photo: Robin Zahler Chris Drury, internationally-acclaimed environmental […]
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Seasonal Bird-watching from The Midland

16 Oct 2019
Calling all would be Twitchers to The Midland.Just twenty minutes up the coast from The Midland is Arnside and Silverdale, area of outstanding natural beauty. Right in the heart of this beauty spot is RSPB Leighton Moss, home to a spectacular array of wildlife and birds. Photo: RSBP Leighton Moss Autumn Sightings Open from dawn […]
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Car Club Road Trip to The Midland, Morecambe

15 Oct 2019
Vintage cars and our art-deco building go hand in hand.  We often welcome vintage car clubs and enthusiasts to The Midland to enjoy our iconic building and a touch of vintage nostalgia while they’re on their trip. From The Vintage Festival‘s range of classic cars parked out front to one off drop in’s, we’re always happy […]
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