Baby on Board Treatments at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Monday, August 5, 2019 by admin

Annabel Berry, Low Wood Bay Spa Manager, tells us about her own pregnancy journey, and some of the treatments and products that The Spa can offer new Mums and Mums-to-be.

Annabel Berry, Spa Manager at Low Wood Bay

Congratulations! When are you due? 

Thank you! We are so excited to welcome our little boy on the 25th August. 

How would you describe your pregnancy so far? 

Annabel and Joe celebrating their Baby Shower on the lawns at Low Wood Bay

It’s actually been relatively normal (at least as normal as it can be). Everyone has been very supportive and I have felt completely looked after throughout my pregnancy.

It’s a boy! How are you preparing for his arrival?  

Well, we are a family full of girls, so everything is very new to me. Luckily Joe’s sister is an amazing mum, and is also pregnant again. I pretty much ask her everything.

Any pregnancy aches and pains? 

I’ve struggled with my hips near the end of pregnancy, however taking regular breaks and taking less stairs has helped. One of the perks of working in the Spa is that I use the pool a lot. This really helps to relax me and ease any aches and pains! 

Pool with a view – The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Booking a pregnancy massage after the first trimester also has lots of benefits. It can reduce some of the normal discomforts, such as backache, stiffness, headaches and swelling. It is also a great as a stress buster and can aid a good night’s sleep.

… and cravings? 

Annabel’s dream craving

I think it’s more of an excuse to eat everything unhealthy! But all I’ve been craving is bacon butties, and cheese and ham toasties! It’s so hard to stay healthy when all baby wants is fatty food.

How have you managed diet, health, beauty during pregnancy? 

I think it’s the one time in your life where you can go back for seconds, although I do stay active. I have quite a physical job and can’t seem to sit still when I’m home, so even though I have avoided the gym, I tend to do a lot of moving around.

I haven’t stopped doing anything different with my beauty routine. However I do make sure everything is safe for baby. I love to have a pamper night, so a full body scrub, bath and face mask is a must when you’re feeling a little bedraggled after a hard day at work.

Top health & beauty tip for pregnancy 

My number one tip is MOISTURISER. I have been using an amazing stretch mark balm which I apply morning and night. It has kept me from getting any stretch marks and kept the itching away.

I have also been using the most amazing ESPA cooling body moisturiser for my legs and ankles. Unfortunately one of the down sides of pregnancy is that you can swell if you get to hot. I use this moisturiser to keep me cool in the warm weather.

What does The Spa offer in the way of pregnancy treatments?

We have a range of body and facial pre and post-natal massages. Our highly trained therapists will always take time to tailor the treatment to ensure that it is just right for each new Mum or Mum-to-be.  

ESPA Baby-&-Me Massage is amazing for pregnant women. When I was creating the treatment, I knew from my industry experience, and other brands that I’ve worked with, that it would be a truly enjoyable experience for an expectant mother. Now that I’m pregnant myself, I can more fully identify with all the benefits of the Baby & Me Massage.

The Spa at Low Wood Bay

For more information about any of the pre and post natal massages available at The Spa at Low Wood Bay as well as the products available, please call 015394 39303 to speak to one of our Spa therapists.

If you are in any doubt about having a treatment during your pregnancy, please ensure you check with your GP prior to making your reservation.

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