Lancaster House Making Wedding Dreams Come True

Thursday, May 9, 2019 by admin

We are really pleased to introduce the newest member of the Wedding & Events team at Lancaster House. Although new to the team, Lisa Ng has a history with the Lancaster House family that goes back 18 years. She is now organising Lancaster House weddings for other brides, but in 2007 Lisa was organising her very own Lancaster House wedding. She tells us the story …

Lisa Ng, Lancaster House Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

My Second Home

My connection to Lancaster House starts in 2001. My partner, Damien, worked as a Commis Chef in Lancaster House kitchen. Through Damien’s job I’ve made many friends with the team throughout the years. Quite often I would bring the children Callum, Aalyiah and Sienna to Lancaster House to enjoy the facilities in Sandpiper Leisure club. Over the years Lancaster House began to feel like a second home.

Young Love

Damien and I met when we were just 18 years old. I was working in an off licence in Lancaster at the time, and Damien was visiting his home town of Lancaster having worked in Hertfordshire for 2 years.

Lisa’s husband, Damien, now Head Chef at Lancaster House

It wasn’t long before we had our first child, Callum. Time flies – that’s Callum who is currently doing his GCSE exams and who also works at Lancaster House on weekends! Callum, along with his siblings, have always loved staying over at their home away from home, Lancaster House Hotel.

Our Kind of Romance

Damien is not a bend down on one knee kind of a man – so it wasn’t a romantic proposal as such. Anyway, I would probably have demanded he got straight back up if he had! It was more a subtle hint of marriage. Although not romantic in that way, Damien shows his love in other ways, such as cooking a meal and washing the dishes afterwards!

We got married at Lancaster House Hotel in July 2007 and had a perfect day. 

Running Like Clockwork

Lancaster House is the same place as when we got married. Perhaps a few new faces, but it is still as friendly, runs like clockwork, and continues to go the extra mile for guests. It remains a great venue for weddings.  

Helping Wedding Dreams Come True

After leaving University in 2018, I came to work at Lancaster House myself, initially working in Housekeeping. I had only worked there 4 months when I came across the advertisement for Wedding Co-Ordinator. I applied for the job and was successful.

Now I help people plan and enjoy their perfect day as much as I enjoyed my own wedding in 2007. It feels great to be a part of so many couples special day, I always try my best to make sure they experience their dream wedding and feel the way I did back in 2007.

Planning Your Special Day?

Lisa would love to hear about your wedding plans and dreams, and help you make them a reality. For more information and a no obligation chat, phone the Lancaster House wedding team on 01524 585 175.

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