Low Wood Bay Announce Return of Dragon Boat Classes

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 by admin

With details of the return of the Low Wood Bay season of Dragon Boating classes on Windermere, there is something here for experienced paddlers, but, brand new for 2019, a Beginner’s Guide to get you into the rhythm. 

Spring Season at The Health Club

Spring is here and slowly but surely The Health Club at Low Wood Bay outdoor classes are budding into life. Soon you’ll see us working out on the front lawn, water bottles dripping with condensation under the summer sun and, of course, you’ll see our Nordic walkers pulling their poles through the dirt of our local fells, talking about everything and anything as they disappear into the distance.

Dragon Boat Classes 

But that’s not all you’ll see as the days get longer and the temperatures rise. Monday nights, if you cast your ears toward the lake between 6 and 7pm, you may hear the faint beat of an approaching drum, and the smooth stroke of a troop of paddlers as they break the water. Possibly even the distant laugh of a crew member as they are engulfed by splashes that maybe… maybe… could have been avoided.

Begin Here …

However, this well-oiled machine was not made in a day. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Dragon Boat team here at Low Wood Bay, we have an evening session perfect for you! Every Thursdayfrom 6pm to 7pm,  we offer a Beginners Guide to Dragon Boating, designed specifically to get you up to scratch and confident enough to progress onto Monday night sessions.

Dragon Bay Boat Race

By 29th April our teams of paddlers will have improved and be working week by week to iron out any creases, becoming one perfect uniform collection. The end goal is to take part in The Dragon Bay Boat Race held here at Low Wood Bay. This will be our third year competing in the tournament-style Regatta. The first year we finished a tantalisingly close second, and last year we managed to take the pole position.  The day involves a series of races, fancy dress, tug of war, and other fun sporting events which will take place on Sunday 7th July 2019.

Book Now to Avoid Disappointment

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Low Wood Club Dragon Boat Team, or a returning member from last year wanting to know any more information, please contact The Low Wood Club reception on 01539 439344 and ask to speak to Andy, Nathan or Joe.

Dragon Boat classes start Monday 29th April 2019 with team training sessions Monday 6-7pm and taster sessions Thursday 6-7pm, available to book now. All safety equipment is provided and we recommend you wrap up warm.

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