Lancaster House and the Sandeman Connection

Over the next few months Lancaster House Bar Manager, Tom Chalmers, is going to introduce us to the delights of Sandeman ports and sherries featured on our menus and, of course, in our Sandeman’s Bar. He starts by telling us how our connection to the famous brand began.

Tom Chalmers shares a toast with George Sandeman

Sandeman’s Bar at Lancaster House is founded upon a  friendship which had an usual beginning and a local connection with a branch of the Sandeman family, boasting over two hundred years of port and sherry production. Continue reading “Lancaster House and the Sandeman Connection”

Waterhead Gin of the Month – Schwarzwald Monkey 47

Waterhead gin of the month, Schwarzwald Monkey 47, is about a friendship between two men brought together by their passion to discover the ultimate Dry Gin taste. Continue reading “Waterhead Gin of the Month – Schwarzwald Monkey 47”

January Gin of the Month – Williams Chase GB

Waterhead has an impressive Gin Library of over 40 gins and each month we feature one as our Gin of the Month. This month it is the turn of Williams Chase GB. Continue reading “January Gin of the Month – Williams Chase GB”

Waterhead Gin of the Month – Hoxton Gin

 Hoxton, the latest gin to feature as Waterhead‘s Gin of the Month, is perfect for a classic English cocktail. To add this to your Christmas repertoire, we’ve also added a wonderful English daiquiri recipe below. Continue reading “Waterhead Gin of the Month – Hoxton Gin”

Waterhead’s New Bar & Grill

Waterhead Hotel at Ambleside has recently introduced a whole new concept of dining, Bar & Grill at Waterhead. Continue reading “Waterhead’s New Bar & Grill”