Seen Send: the Next Generation of Art inspired by the Lake District

Low Wood Wonder inspired by @cumbrianblondie

Low Wood Wonder inspired by @cumbrianblondie

We love the Lake District and we are always on the lookout for new photography from our guests and visitors to the national park to share and inspire. Artist, J.A.C has taken the search for local photography one step further and is inviting walkers and photographers to share the images they capture.

By using the hashtag #seensend on twitter users can send their images to J.A.C. who will select three that inspire him the most. He will send the winner a copy of the art they have influenced free of charge.

SeenSend rewards people who share wonderful places via social media with art. Continue reading

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

My very first attempt at watercolours under the guidance of Dawn.

It was with a sense of excitement and, I confess, trepidation that I arrived at Waterhead for a weekend of Lake District Watercolour Painting, one in a series of events hosted by English Lakes. Signing up for something like this can feel a little like putting your creative neck on the line!

Testing the water over our champagne and canapé reception on the Friday evening, I tentatively threw out a line about having not ever really done anything like this before. I was pleasantly surprised, and not a little relieved, to discover that we were all novices, and all nervous about our impending foray into the world of paint, colour, tone, perspectives and vanishing points.  Having established our common fragility, we relaxed and enjoy a sumptuous three-course dinner whilst Dawn Pretty, our artist in residence, outlined what the weekend might hold, promising us that we would all have a work of art to hang on our wall by the end of the weekend. Continue reading

English Lakes puts the Lake District on the map

Kris with Google map showing National Park

Kris with Google map showing National Park

English Lakes has helped to literally put the National Park on the map and hopes tourism to the area will be boosted as a result.

Frustrated at not seeing the Lake District appear, like other national parks, on Google Maps, we contacted Tele Atlas, the company that provides the mapping for Google.

Kris Littlewood, of the marketing department, contacted Tele Atlas at the end of November, asking why the Lake District did not appear in green on the Google Map of the UK like other national parks, such as the Yorkshire Dales or the Peak District.

Tele Atlas acknowledged there was a problem and told us they would work with Google to fix the issue.

Within two weeks, on Friday, December 9, the Lake District had appeared on Google Maps in green, showing the true location and extent of England’s largest national park, which is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

Colin Fox, marketing manager, said: “It seemed strange to us that England’s largest national park, and one of its most popular, did not appear on Google Maps, which must by now be one of the most used maps in the world.

“People who are not familiar with the area may have previously found it difficult to find the Lake District, to see how big an area the park boundary covers, and also to distinguish between which places are inside the Lakes and which are outside the park.

“We are happy that Google have finally put the Lake District on their map and hope that this will result in people being able to find out about this wonderful area more easily, and more informed visitors coming to the area.”

It is not known why the Lake District had not previously appeared on Google Maps.