World Speed Records Return to Windermere

Monday, October 14, 2019 by admin

For the first time since 2005, Endurance Speed Records will return to Windermere on 9th and 10th November.  

Low Wood’s Legacy of Speed

Norman Buckley and Donald Campbell 

Norman Buckley MBE, great uncle of English Lakes Managing Director, Simon Berry, and owner of Low Wood Bay, was successful in achieving four world water speed records in the 1950s, designing and building his own speed boats. Miss Windermere IV, one of his craft, is now housed at Windermere Jetty, Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories.  

English Lakes Managing Director, Simon Berry, and Liz Moss, CEO of Lakeland Arts and Windermere Jetty

Establishing Records Week

Through determined efforts by Norman Buckley and other enthusiasts, the inaugural BP National Powerboat Record Attempts was hosted on Windermere in October 1970. This was the first of a series of annual Record Weeks spanning the past forty-eight years. The original competitors paid just £5 entry fee, with any additional speed record attempt costing £1.

 Records Week has gone on to establish itself as a most valuable entry in the powerboating calendar. It is now open to all categories of watercraft, from the smallest hydroplanes through to large offshore boats from all over the UK and all over the world.

When the 10 mph speed limit was introduced on Windermere in 2005, Records Week required a new venue. Coniston, the lake where four of Donald Campbell’s seven world speed records were set, was identified as the ideal place to continue the popular and ever-expanding event.

New Records Set in 2018

It appears that globally, and as a nation, we are certainly not slowing down! During the 2018 Records Week, as many as 10 new world records were established, and 12 new national records.

The youngest competitor in 2018 was 17 year old Thomas Mantripp, who follows in the wake of his father and grandfather as successful speed racing competitors. Thomas established three new World and National records over 80 mph. In the O175 Hydroplane class he recorded an astonishing 89 mph.

The fastest run of the 2018 competition was from 18 year old Ben Jelf in the Supercat class, recording 124.38 mph. As a first time water speed record breaker over 100mph, Ben received a Gold K7 Club Star, from the prestigious club founded by Donald Campbell.

Edd China took to the water in the Gibbs Amphibious Equada, an electric amphicar still under development. Despite its developmental status, Edd achieved a new National record of 28.70 mph in his class.   

Return to Windermere

Due to a necessary and awaited update to a Byelaw on Coniston Water, the perfect opportunity presented itself to return World Water Speed Record breaking to Lake Windermere, and run two days of endurance speed records which, due to operational constraints on Coniston Water, are not normally possible during Records Week.  

Endurance Records over 1 and 2 hours will take place on the Saturday, and straight line performance trials on the Sunday.

We wish all the competitors every success and look forward to reading the record breaking headlines next month. 

Book an Autumn Break on the Shores of Windermere

Low Wood Bay is the original home of Norman Buckley’s record breaking success. Take a look at our Autumn Savers and plan a short break on the shores of Windermere.   

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