Three Top Places for Snow Sledging in the Lake District

Friday, November 16, 2018 by admin

Throughout winter the Lake District hotel guests are always treated marvellous picture post card views of snow-capped peaks, some guests even come to the area just for the snow sports! If it snows on your Lake District Holiday, sledging can be great fun for the whole family…

Hotel Guests First Created Recreational Sledging

The practical use of sledges, or sleds, is ancient and widespread, enabling easier transport of people and goods across snow-covered ground. There are records indicating that Sled Racing has been around since the 15th Century in Norway and Sweden. Interestingly, it was a bunch of hotel guests in St Moritz in the mid 1800’s that brought us recreational sledging. Adapting delivery sledges for a spot of cavorting in the snow, they unwittingly developed a family pastime that, right up to the present time, has young and not-so-young alike eagerly anticipating the first flurries of snowflakes.

Lake District Family Sledging Locations

So that our hotel guests do not feel the need to hijack our deliveries in search of suitable sliding accoutrement, our Lake District hotels keep a sledge in readiness – just in case you forget to pack your own! We’re even prepared to share our top three favourite family sledging places with you – as long as you don’t tell anyone!

1. Tarn Hows

Not only beautiful scenery with a lovely pushchair-friendly short walk around the tarn, the slope down to the lake is moderately steep – great for thrill seekers!

Tarn Howes in Snow

Tarn Howes in Snow

2. Fell Foot Park

The National Trust Fell Foot Park sits at the southern tip of Windermere. Smooth green lawns slope down to the lake shore for some great uninterrupted sledging and suitable for younger children.

Two kids sledging in the snow

Two kids sledging in the snow

But really, you don’t need to go any further than …

3. Low Wood Bay

The sloping fields behind Low Wood Bay is a magnificent sledging spot for our guests. With breathtaking views of Windermere and the snow-covered peaks beyond, even those standing around and not partaking of the sport will not be bored! There are varying gradients offering something for all the family.

Once you have finished having fun in the snow, warm up in Low Wood Bay’s Langdale Lounge & Bar and enjoy a Hot Chocolate by the roaring log fire.

Hot Chocolate by the fire

Hot Chocolate by the fire

Sledging Safety Tips

Here are our top tips to ensure you stay safe whilst sledging:

  1. Choose your slopes carefully for the age and ability of your party
  2. Be aware of obstructions
  3. Make sure there is an adequate ‘slow down’ area

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