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It is believed that wedding anniversaries were celebrated as early as Medieval times. A husband would make a crown of silver for his wife of twenty-five years, or a gold crown for fifty years. It was probably the Victorians who went on to catalogue and classify a prescribed list of gifts for each wedding anniversary. 

A day when we celebrate something important that happened that day in a previous year.

Wherever the custom stemmed, we have a room that celebrates each and every anniversary. The Overmillbeck Suite is the perfect anniversary retreat. We have even adorned the walls with our own tribute to wedding bliss through the years. 

 Overmillbeck Suite – perfect for anniversary celebrations

Here’s a list of anniversaries (we couldn’t name them all), and the element and flowers associated with that particular year.

1st Anniversary: Paper

Associated Flowers: Carnations / Pansies

Paper represents a clean sheet as you start a fresh new second year together.

Overmillbeck, decorated with wedding anniversary plaques through the years

Gift Idea: What about a good old fashioned love letter? Tickets are usually paper – so a world of opportunity there. Or you could give the gift of English Lakes Vouchers and share a romantic weekend at The Wild Boar together.                                  

10th Anniversary: Aluminium

Associated Flowers: Daffodils 

Aluminium (previously celebrated with tin) represents flexibility and durability. It is also tough and holds its strength when necessary.

Picture celebrating Ten Years Married

Gift Idea: To celebrate a decade of togetherness don’t be tempted to go down the saucepan route!  Instead, why not fill a beautifully decorated tin with mementos of your time together over the last ten years – photos, events, holiday keep-sakes, poems and love songs. 

25th Anniversary: Silver

Associated Flowers: Iris 

Silver is a precious metal and acts as a reminder of your commitment to one another, and symbolises the value of a marriage that will continue to shine throughout your future together. 

Gift Idea: There are a huge range of silver items to celebrate 25 years together. A lovely silver frame for one of your wedding photos, jewellery, or an engraved silver keepsake. 

30th Anniversary: Pearl

Associated Flowers: Sweet Pea 

Represents the depth of your relationship over the years. Pearls take time to form and the results are truly beautiful. So is a relationship that has matured over three decades.

Gift Idea: Well, the more outrageous could turn pearly king and queen for the night and host a Cockney themed party. Most will want something a little more sedate. A string of pearls or Champagne and caviar served with a mother of pearl spoon would seem the order of the day.   

40th Anniversary: Ruby

Associated Flowers: Nasturtiums 

They say life begins at 40 (or is it now 50?!) and a Ruby anniversary is still full of promise to come. The ruby represents a flame that grows brighter as your marriage matures. Rubies are said to be rarer than diamonds and symbolise wealth and wisdom, and of course, passion.

Gift Idea: Going with the colour red, why not plant a red rose in your garden to celebrate your love? Or toast your future with a vintage wine or port at The Wild Boar. 

50th Anniversary: Gold

Associated Flowers: Violets 

Half a century! You have grown together in wisdom and strength. In many cultures gold symbolises prosperity and a golden anniversary is time to enjoy the investment in your life together.     

Picture celebrating twenty-five years married

Gift Idea: You have probably given every gift going by this stage in your relationship. Do you really need another cake slice or a gold embossed chopping board? Jewellery is always good, but we think a better way to celebrate would be to invite the family to an intimate gathering at The Wild Boar’s Undermillbeck function room. We’ll light the fire, you prepare your speech.

Undermillbeck function room – perfect for gathering families together to celebrate a special anniversary

60th Anniversary: Diamond  

The word ‘diamond’ originates from the Greek ‘adamus’, meaning unconquerable –  very fitting for a marriage that has lasted 60 years.  

Gift Idea: Well, to state the obvious – it just needs to be diamonds!

70th Anniversary: Platinum

Platinum – strong, precious and rare – just like seventy precious years together.  You’ve earned your own platinum record, and in terms of gift ideas, you have earned the right to whatever your heart desires!

 Picture celebrating seventy years together

Celebrate Your Anniversary at The Wild Boar

Whether you are married one year, or seventy-one years, there are always good reasons to book The Wild Boar. It could be for a romantic retreat in our Overmillbeck Suite, or an intimate family gathering in Undermillbeck. Call 0333 2203 108 to start your anniversary celebration. 

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