Stand-up Paddleboarding at Low Wood Bay Just Got Bigger

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 by admin

The Low Wood Watersports team are delighted to present their most recent acquisition – a Mega SUP! Designed to hold up to 8 people – you can imagine the hilarity involved in keeping all 8 aboard and moving forward in the same direction!

What is SUP?

SUP is short for stand-up paddleboarding. It might be relatively new concept and outrageously fun to us, but the roots of stand-up paddleboarding are over 3000 years old. Peruvians rode the waves on ‘caballitos de totora’ or little horses made of reed. These water borne craft were made primarily for fishing but were also a form of entertainment. Down through the years SUPs have also been used as rescue craft, transportation and competitive sport. Indeed, the gondoliers in Venice, although not technically ‘surfing’ the wave, were stand up paddlers.  

We’ve all seen surfers riding the wave at great speed. SUPs are quite different, and although they bear the similarity of being a board, rather than riding a wave at speed, SUPs are designed to glide over the wave making them better in more stable water.

And a Mega SUP?

Think SUP on steroids! Our Mega SUP is a gigantic – over 18 foot long! – stand-up paddleboard.  Large enough to carry up to 8 people at once. Great for fun and games, exploring the lake, riding surf and working as a team, Endless fun for family groups, friends or team building.    

Are you up for the challenge?

Calling all groups of up to eight people (max. 700 kg) – whether family, friends, or for team building. Our RTM Big ISUP 18’2 is available for hire at Watersports at Low Wood Bay. Price per person is £20. Fun rating – priceless! 

Call 015394 39441 to book or for more information.

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