Spring Plants at Low Wood Bay by Local Horticulture Students

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 by admin

Putting the finishing touches to the Low Wood Bay refurbishment, we enlisted the help of Myerscough College horticulture students to manage the seasonal planting of tubs and baskets around the resort. As part of their horticulture course module, the students have to learn about seasonal plants appropriate for outdoor planters, so this was a great ‘live’ project for them.

Myerscough students with their lecturers at Low Wood Bay

Winter/Spring Selection

The group of students delivered planters they put together at the college as part of their course. Their choice of plants included Hellebores (winter roses), Erica (heathers), Viola, Dianthus (Sweet William), and a range of ivy plants to ensure that the hotel grounds will be awash with colour in spring.

Paul Bell, our Maintenance Manager at Low Wood Bay, said,

“Myerscough College has a really strong reputation for its horticulture courses and we wanted to give some of their students the opportunity to apply their practical skills to a commercial project.

Lecturer in Horticulture at Myerscough College, Kate Lynch, adds:

“Well done to our horticulture students, who have worked with our staff to create these winter containers for Low Wood Bay. They have produced beautiful work”.  

Passion for Plants

Three of the students tell us a little about themselves, their passion for plants and how they got into horticulture.

Zeph Nettleton, aged 16 from Kendal

I have been home schooled since the age of 5 and have always had a passion for the outdoors.  I heard about Myerscough College and applied to do the Level 1 Land Based Studies which includes horticulture, and I started in September 2018.  I really enjoy the course and haven’t looked back.  We have our own allotment to grow vegetables, we keep chickens and learn a lot about other aspects of growing, and maintaining plants both indoors and outdoors.  Part of the course allows me to work in the commercial Plant World at Myerscough which has a garden centre and glasshouses where I learn about propagation.

Oliver Brunton, aged 16, from Preston

I have been coming to Myerscough College for 2 years now.  I first started coming as part of a 14-16 programme from school one day a week and I loved the opportunity to work with my hands and want to be a landscaper.  I am now doing the Level 2 Practical Horticulture skills City & Guilds course full time at Myerscough and learning lots of new skills. 

CJ Jones, aged 18, Residential student from Manchester

I didn’t enjoy high school, found it difficult due to my Asperger’s and always ended up in the isolation unit. However my mum heard about Myerscough College and I applied to do the Level 1 course two years ago.  I passed that course and then moved on to the Level 2 Practical Horticulture Skills City & Guilds course full time.  I live in the residential blocks and love living here and have made lots of new friends.  I enjoy horticulture, especially the propagation unit, making new plants from stem and leaf cuttings.  I love gardening with my grandad and my best skill is being able to remember the Latin plant names. I always get 100% in the tests.

Great work guys! We have been so impressed with your work that you are invited back to do our summer tubs later in the year.

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