Lancaster House, New Manager Inspires a Green Future

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by plusonemanager

Lancaster House welcomes Andy Lemm as General Manager. Andy has bags of vision for the future of the hotel, but he is also returning to a place that is a significant part of his past. 

Lancaster House has always been a special place for me. It was my home for nearly two years and I met Michelle, my wife, here when she was Restaurant & Banqueting Manager.  We married at Lancaster House and so it has been a huge part of my life already. Lancaster House was a great management training ground and prepared me for my first general manager’s position at The Wild Boar, also part of the English Lakes family of hotels.

Andy Lemm, Lancaster House General Manager

Andy Lemm, Lancaster House General Manager

Emma Underwood with our Gold Green Tourism Award

Emma Underwood with our Gold Green Tourism Award

Leading the way in environmental initiatives, the team at Lancaster House has forged ahead in green tourism. Accredited in 2011 by National Green Business Tourism Scheme and achieving their highest ‘gold’ status, the hotel is recognised for its strong management of energy, water and waste and many other sustainability projects. Employees, suppliers and guests are encouraged to contribute to the plan of reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. Boasting the only leisure facility in the region powered by a bio-mass boiler using locally sourced wood-chip, further evidence of the green culture which exists within Lancaster House.

Although Lancaster House is already at the forefront of all things Green with it’s very own Green Goddess Emma leading the way, I hope that my experience at The Wild Boar with all it’s environmentally friendly incentives will mean I can bring a little extra green to Lancaster.

Lancaster House's New Solar Panels Installed by The Greener Group

Lancaster House’s New Solar Panels Installed by The Greener Group

The latest green initiative is the installation of 340 solar PV panels covering the west facing roof of the bedroom block unobtrusively sited at the rear of the hotel. These panels are expected to generate 76,000 kWh of electricity each year.
The new solar panels reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint by 30,000 kg of CO2 per annum. To put that in layman’s terms that CO2 saving is equal to the usage of a 13 watt CF lightbulb continuously lit for 263 years, or the energy use of an average house for 842 days, or the output of an average car engine running for 48.6 days non stop! Here are the stats.
Electric Car Charging Points at Lancaster House

Electric Car Charging Points at Lancaster House

Speaking about cars, Andy is the first of the Lancaster House team to take advantage of the new electric car charge points that have been installed at the hotel for those with electric and hybrid cars. He is delighted with his new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which uses plug-in hybrid technology and achieves excellent fuel efficiency.
Operations Manager and Lancaster House Green Champion, Emma Underwood is thrilled that Andy is continuing the strong pioneering tradition of environmental innovation at the hotel.

It is already very evident that Andy is going to lead the hotel in such a way that we will continue the positive impact we will have in our community and on the environment.

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