Five things Mums Really Want for Mother’s Day!

Thursday, March 16, 2017 by plusonemanager

On Mother’s Day, Mums are presented with flowers, choccies, perfume or sometimes a thoughtful personalised gift. Don’t get me wrong, any and every gift is cherished, especially the glitter-laden home-made card. However, research has shown, and I can testify to most of these in various seasons of life, that the most-wanted list is really quite simple …
Children, fathers, take note!


How many young Mum’s just crave a night of undisturbed slumber, where the 3 am closed-eye zombie shuffle to settle an infant is, for one night of bliss, another life away? Sleep deprivation, a well known instrument of torture… no wonder Mums’ dream of dreaming the night away.
Gift inspiration: Book the in-laws and book a room to sleep in!
Here are a few rooms that we can offer within our family of hotels.

Adult Conversation

We choose to spend lots of time with our toddlers endlessly repeating the same word, phrases, nursery rhymes because we know it is good for their vocabulary, but what about ours? Something happens when you have pretended to like plastic peas for the thirtieth time to the tune of “Num, num, num” There is a real danger of our brains turning to mushy (peas).
Gift inspiration : A girly afternoon tea with a view
Who wouldn’t love Afternoon Tea at The Midland!

Me Time!

Taxi driver, picky eater personal chef, potty trainer, housekeeper, ABC and 123 teacher, tooth-brushing inspector, dramatic story teller, road crossing patrol, lullaby singer, hugs and kisses expert, speech specialist, super hero costumes-at-short-notice maker – just a few of the jobs on Mums jobs list!
Gift inspiration: Pamper time at the local beauty salon

Me Time!


A Meal with My Family… that I Don’t Have to Cook

Planning nutritious week-day meals, shopping, food prep, picky eaters, clearing up and starting again… all reasons that Mums will very often fall at your feet weeping in gratitude when offered the seat of honour and a tasty meal cooked by someone else, surrounded by those she loves.
Gift Inspiration: Sunday lunch for the whole family

Damien, Head Chef at Lancaster House carving the roast.

Family Fun

A fun day out in the country for the whole family – fresh air, laughter, new sites and sounds, a bit of an adventure – just what’s needed to put everything back in perspective and remember why we had that family in the first place!
Gift Inspiration: A Day in the beautiful Lake District
Here are our top tips for family fun in the country

Family On Walk In Countryside

Still Time to Book Mum’s Top Treat!

At English Lakes we have comfy beds, beauty treats, afternoon teas, meals for all the family and lots of fun family activities. Have a look at our beautiful venues and choose the best fit to treat the Best Mum in the World at one of our Lake District Hotels.

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