Five Reasons to Visit The Atrium at Low Wood Bay

Friday, June 1, 2018 by admin

There are many reasons to visit the stunning new Atrium at Low Wood Bay, here are the first five that come to mind. 

Fantastic Lake District Views

Positioned above Lake Windermere and offering uninterrupted views over the lake and towards the mountains beyond, we can’t imagine a better backdrop for meeting up with friends for coffee or afternoon tea. 

A Place to Conference

Since opening, the local business community have discovered the Atrium to be a comfortable laid back environment for meeting clients and business partners. Others find it  a place to escape on their own with a laptop to write reports or somewhere to sit back and think creative thoughts.  Who said that work has to be confined to the office. 

Great Tasting Coffee

Most of us love a good cup of coffee. Norman’s, our Juice and Coffee Bar, sent their coffee scouts out and about around the country to find what we consider one of the best coffee suppliers around. Lontons Coffee is an artisan coffee producer in the north east of England. They know every field that their coffee beans are grown and grind the coffee in small batch sizes to ensure the freshest, most vibrant taste. We hope visitors to The Atrium agree. 

Healthy Snacks 

Eating out doesn’t have to mean a calorie-loaded extravaganza. For the health conscious Norman’s has a range of healthy snacks and vitamin-packed smoothies. 

A Warm Welcome 

There’s something about an open fire that proclaims ‘Welcome!’ The fire pit at the entrance of the Atrium is a warm, cozy space to meet with friends and family. 

See You Soon at The Atrium

So whether you are joining friends and family to be seated at our fabulous Blue Smoke restaurant, having a healthy snack between gym sessions at The Healthclub at Low Wood Bay, attending a business meeting or just having a good cup of coffee, grab a comfy seat and enjoy all that is on offer at The Atruim. 

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