Bromance and Bravado in The Wild Boar Woods

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 by admin

Bromance describes the unique male bonding found between ‘brothers from another mother’, whilst Bravado is “a show of courage, especially when unnecessary and dangerous, to make people admire you”. We think a spot of bravado and bromance are just the right ingredients for a perfect day in The Wild Boar woods. Add in a few outdoor activities and hey presto, you have a match made in heaven.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shooting is a skilful and exciting sport which is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK.  Whether you have never shot before, or you are an experienced shooter, we arrange sessions to suit your individual requirements. The guns and all necessary equipment is provided. If you have your own gun you are welcome to bring it along.  

A purpose-built shooting range, situated within The Wild Boar’s private 72 acre wood provides the backdrop for the day. Michael Coates, who has spent years perfecting the art of clay pigeon shooting and other outdoor pursuits, will take you through your paces – making sure your stance and technique are just right. In fact, he is so confident in his coaching skills, that if anybody completes the full clay shoot and can’t hit a clay, he will give that person their shoot for free!    

Michael Coates in The Wild Boar woods

The clays simulate the flight of a number of different wild creatures, including pheasant, crow, grouse and perhaps even a bolting rabbit!  


Historically, archery was used for hunting and combat, but these days it’s mainly a competitive sport. In The Wild Boar Woods we offer archery with a difference! Starting with a normal archery session, you will learn about stance and techniques, before moving onto field archery. This requires skill and a good eye to shoot at foam animal targets at unknown distances within the woodland. Moving up a skill level, your session will be rounded off by shooting a moving archery target – this may take more than a bit of teamwork!

Axe Throwing

From Stone Age hunter gatherers, to Middle Age foot soldiers or tomahawk-wielding American Indians, axe throwing was the stuff of life and death.  Hundreds of years later, it’s a thriving sport and growing in popularity. Thankfully, these days the target is just a bullseye.  Axe throwing can be added to your days’ shooting and archery, and Michael will once again instruct you in stance and technique to give you the best chance of hitting the target.  

Victory Victuals

After a session of shooting, archery and axe throwing you will probably need to replenish your energy levels with a bite to eat at The Wild Boar Inn and Grill and Smokehouse. Perhaps even a pint of beer or ale from the Inn’s Brewhouse. Choose Lunch, Dinner or the ever-popular Alternative Afternoon Tea.  

Book Your Session

For more information on any of the sports mentioned call The Wild Boar on 015394 45225. To book your session call Michael directly on 07814 030249.

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