Bespoke Lake District Ice Cream from The Handmade Ice Cream Company

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Steve Darvill of The Handmade Ice Cream Company is producing delicious ice cream for both The Wild Boar and Blue Smoke on The Bay. We caught up with him on a recent trip to The Wild Boar. Chef had agreed to smoke the almonds he needed for the Blue Smoke Smoked Almond and Maple Syrup recipe. We asked him what makes his ice cream oh so scrumptious… 

Steve from Handmade Ice Cream Company

Why Ice Cream?

I started off as a Pastry Chef in restaurants and hotels in the south of England for fifteen years. My passion has always been creating beautiful ice creams and sorbets so I wanted to develop this in to a company that sells small batch artisan ice creams with completely natural ingredients.

When did you move to The Lake District? 

For as long as I remember The Lake District had been my favourite place. I simply fell in love with the area during family holidays. Making the big move, I relocated to the north about nine years ago. 

A Gap in the Market 

Handmade Ice Cream started in 2012. I saw a real gap in the market. Chefs generally want to deliver creative desserts accompanied by the best quality home-made ice cream. Time restraints and high equipment costs can mean that it is not possible to make their own ice cream. The only alternative in the past was mass produced ice cream full of artificial flavours colours and pumped full of air, more like frozen mousse than real ice cream. 

What gives your recipes the edge?  

We use absolutely the best and freshest ingredients we can – really good quality thick double cream, pure Belgian chocolate, Madagascan vanilla pods, fresh fruit and real alcohol. We also bake/ make all our own fruit purees, compotes, gingerbreads, caramels. You will certainly not find any artificial flavours or colours in any of our ice creams. 

We source our milk and cream locally and also try and work with other small companies to make collaboration ice creams including Kin Toffee Vodka and The English lakes tea and coffee company  

We supply to a number of companies around the North West, restaurants, hotels, retail and wholesale, from Farm Shops to Booths supermarket. 

Blue Smoke on the Bay Ice Cream

We worked with the Chefs at Blue Smoke on the Bay to create two bespoke ice creams – Goslings Black Seal Rum and Raisin and Smoked Almond and Maple Syrup. It’s an ongoing relationship so we are constantly developing new flavours with the team of chefs. 

HOT APPLE, SULTANA AND ALMOND STRUDEL with Smoked Almond and Maple Syrup Ice Cream 

Goslings Black Seal Rum and Raisin features best quality raisins that we’ve soak in Gosling’s rum for up to three months. Once they are fully plump and full of flavour we combine with a rich double-cream mix. 

Smoked Almonds from The Wild Boar Smokehouse

The Smoked Almond and Maple Syrup ice cream uses almonds smoked at The Wild Boar Smokehouse, chopped and coated in maple syrup to add a sweet caramel flavour to the nuts. Then the sweetened, smoky nuts are added to double-cream. 

Smoked Almond and Maple Syrup Ice Cream at The Wild Boar

Almonds Smoking at The Wild Boar

Save Room for The Best Bit

Book a table and enjoy Handmade Ice Cream at either The Wild Boar Inn, Grill and Smokehouse or Blue Smoke on the Bay. 

The Wild Boar 015394 45225

Blue Smoke on the Bay 015394 33338 

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