I Love to Bake … National Baking Week

There is a whole lot of baking going on this week due to the fact that it’s NATIONAL BAKING WEEK. I don’t need an excuse to bake. Ever since I saw Delia Smith on Saturday Swap Shop, I have loved to bake. Weekends were spent meticulously weighing out ingredients onto my mums glass saucers from her ‘trendy’ 1970’s tea set, pretending I was in front of lights and cameras. The BBC never called for me, but my love of baking remained.

Being married with 4 children, I used to make all the normal rice crispy treats and jam tarts with my children, then my mum bought me a children’s novelty cake book and I decided to have a go. The first cake I did was a teddy bears picnic cake for my twins first birthday. After their party a friend asked me to do her daughters birthday cake and then at her party another friend asked to do a cake and so its snowballed by word of mouth.


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Some Yummy Gooey Easter Chocolate Treats

On Friday we came across a yummy looking recipe for Cadbury’s Creme Egg Brownies, they look really tasty and are a great twist on the usual shop bought chocolate Easter egg. Surely they will be a hit with the kids this Easter.

So in the English Lakes Marketing office the challenge was set to bake these gooey delights, over the weekend. I have shared the full original recipe below,  along with the creators image, but first the photo evidence that we did give the recipe a go…

English Lakes Marketing's attempt at the gooey recipe

English Lakes Marketing’s attempt at the gooey recipe

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