English Lakes Bake Off: Our Onion Tart Recipe

It has been a while since we have featured one of our Chefs recipes here on the English Lakes blog. So, with Great British Bake Off being back on on our screens we thought we should share with you one of our favourite simple, but tasty bakes….

White onion tart with walnut, pecorino and endive salad


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I Love to Bake … National Baking Week

There is a whole lot of baking going on this week due to the fact that it’s NATIONAL BAKING WEEK. I don’t need an excuse to bake. Ever since I saw Delia Smith on Saturday Swap Shop, I have loved to bake. Weekends were spent meticulously weighing out ingredients onto my mums glass saucers from her ‘trendy’ 1970’s tea set, pretending I was in front of lights and cameras. The BBC never called for me, but my love of baking remained.

Being married with 4 children, I used to make all the normal rice crispy treats and jam tarts with my children, then my mum bought me a children’s novelty cake book and I decided to have a go. The first cake I did was a teddy bears picnic cake for my twins first birthday. After their party a friend asked me to do her daughters birthday cake and then at her party another friend asked to do a cake and so its snowballed by word of mouth.


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Some Yummy Gooey Easter Chocolate Treats

On Friday we came across a yummy looking recipe for Cadbury’s Creme Egg Brownies, they look really tasty and are a great twist on the usual shop bought chocolate Easter egg. Surely they will be a hit with the kids this Easter.

So in the English Lakes Marketing office the challenge was set to bake these gooey delights, over the weekend. I have shared the full original recipe below,  along with the creators image, but first the photo evidence that we did give the recipe a go…

English Lakes Marketing's attempt at the gooey recipe
English Lakes Marketing’s attempt at the gooey recipe

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