Wild Boar Wedding

Monday, February 26, 2018 by admin

 We love to celebrate with our Wild Boar wedding couples and are delighted to share a little bit of Jodie and Mark’s journey with you, culminating in a glorious celebration at The Wild Boar Inn. What a fantastic day was had by all …

How We Met – Playing it Cool, well, almost!

September 2011, a bar in Barrow and both a little worse for wear and in need of some comfort from a mutual friend, Sally, who was working behind the bar.  Mark took an instant liking to Jodie, but wasn’t sure if it was reciprocated. That is, until he received, ‘Jodie Cartwright has poked you on Facebook’. Mark played it cool for all of ten mins before poking Jodie back. This went on for a while and we still argue to this day who poked who first.

Proposal – It’s Now or Never

A weekend away in Newcastle was the perfect setting. Mark planned on having a few drinks first (mainly to settle his nerves) and then a romantic walk where he would pop the question.  Jodie being Jodie however….  decided to unpack the bags when they first entered the hotel room and questioned the large wrapped box. Mark thought, it’s now or never, and asked Jodie to open the box. Unwrapping boxes inside boxes, eventually Jodie came to the ring box. Looking at Mark with curiosity, but thinking…. oh lovely, he has bought me some new ear rings, she opened the box to reveal her beautiful engagement ring.

Our Perfect Venue

We had spent time at the Wild boar for Jodie’s  30th Birthday the year previously. Just after our engagement we also attended The Wild Boar Wedding Fair and agreed immediately that this was the place we wanted to share with family and friends on our special day. The choice of food was amazing …

Deli Board 
Smoked Ham and Haggis Scotch egg
Golden Vegetable Soup with locally baked bread
Duo of Fillet Steak
Breast of Chicken
Deep Fried Fish and Chips, made with Mad Pig Ale Batter
To Finish
Honeycomb Cheesecake with Mudslide Base & Cumberland Rum Butter Cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding & vanilla ice cream
Cheeseboard with grapes & chutney

The fantastic choice of food at the Wild Boar was one of the main reasons we decided to celebrate our wedding here.

Bride & Groom’s Outfit

Jodie’s dress is an Eliza Jane Howell design, altered slightly with the sleeves removed.  Jodie made her own head dress, a gold beaded and gold leaf crown and added a single layer cathedral ivory veil for the ceremony and pictures.

Mark’s outfit was from Whitefield and Ward in Manchester. The Best Men and Mark and Jodie’s son, Noah, also had suits to compliment Marks.

Warm Rustic Charm

We didn’t need to add much to the Wild Boar to create the atmosphere we were after as it had a lovely warm feeling all of its own. Flower Designs Events added an eclectic touch with small bottles and vases in different colours with multi coloured spring flowers, and lots of candles.

The wedding party took part in Clay Pigeon shooting on the grounds at

the Wild Boar with Michael Coates and his team the day before the wedding. This was reflected in the table name cards using a shot gun cartridge and pheasant feather  placed on the scratch card wedding favours.

Three Layers of Delight

The cake was created by Christine at Cake Events, Barrow. Three layers of cake, including Lemon Sherbet, Chocolate and Peanut butter and strawberry all covered in a selection of sweets on top of dripping gold icing.

Our First Dance

The Smiths – A light that never goes out.

Memorable Moment

Whilst out rambling with the photographer a snake slithered over Jodie’s foot. In utter fear she couldn’t move, however Mark ran in another direction. Shouting out, ‘you have just vowed to protect me’ and in a fit of giggles Jodie and her photographer ordered Mark to save his bride.

The View from Up Here

 Photograph taken from Adam’s shoulders!

Erin Brown captured candid moments during the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and created breath taking scenes in the grounds of the Wild Boar. Mark and Jodie were happy to ramble around the woods, climbing rocks and even calling in Wild Boar Manager, Adam, to hitch Erin on his shoulders to shoot her visions.

Weddings at The Wild Boar

 Jeanette Simpson, Wedding and Events Co-ordinator at The Wild Boar

If you are already imagining yourself as the next bride at The Wild Boar, Jeanette would be happy to organise a personal showround or if you’d just like more information about hosting a Wild Boar wedding, contact the hotel on 015394 45225. 

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