The Midland Hosts Magnificent MG Coast to Coast Rally

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 by admin

Norman Verona recently took on the daunting task of organising a Coast to Coast rally for fellow MG owners. He got more than he bargained for, but it got off to a great start from The Midland on 18th August. Norman explains more…

Norman and Lynne Verona setting off from home in their vintage MG

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About 25 years ago I joined a Coast-to-Coast car run from Morecambe to Whitby. We started from the, then, derelict Midland Hotel. I did wonder why this magnificent building, clearly in a very run down state and unused, was shining with a new coat of white paint. Investigations told me that a TV company had painted it and used the façade in a Poirot programme.

MG Coast-to-Coast Trip August 2018

Move forward, and I decide I’ll run a Coast-to-Coast from the now thriving and wonderful Midland Hotel to Scarborough. I expected about 30 cars to join in…. MISTAKE, we had 98 cars and 191 people. The run took place on the 18th August and, seeing as so many of the participants also wanted to stay at the hotel, I arranged a banquet for 121 MG car owners. The chef and staff at the Midland made this an experience none of us will forget. The food was of the highest quality and the staff went more than the extra mile to ensure we were served well and everything I had requested was there promptly and with no fuss.

Lynne and I have stayed at the Midland 3 times now and can’t wait for an excuse to return. The building is an amazing place, the Rotunda bar and the terrace are so relaxing we could sit there all day long, and have done!

Bacon Butties, Smiles and See you Soon

The car trip went extremely well. All those lost nights of sleep worrying about my first attempt at organising a car rally were soon forgotten and the success was largely down to the excellent start the Midland gave everyone. On the morning of the run, the staff made sure all the cars had parking places, the Rotunda bar served bacon sandwiches, tea and coffee from 7 am, so everyone left in a good mood.

From start to finish, Norman’s Coast to Coast Rally proved a great success. So much so, that he has booked again for next year already! See you soon.  

The Midland, Perfect for Events

If you, like Norman, have an event with several elements to organise, The Midland could be the place to you. With a dedicated events organiser standing by, give us a call on 01524 424000.

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