The Making of The Midland’s Seahorse No. 10 Gin

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 by admin

What better way to mark the 10 year anniversary of The Midland’s re-opening than by creating our very own bespoke premium Gin.

Mark Needham, General Manager of The Midland, tells us about the exciting process.

Seahorse No 10 Gin, The Midland Hotel

Our Creative Journey

With gin enjoying a remarkable renaissance at the moment, and with a strong throwback to the gin cocktails enjoyed by the rich and famous in the heyday of The Midland, a premium gin seemed the perfect choice. We began the creative journey to Seahorse No. 10.

We put our heads together with a company specialising in creating bespoke spirits who loved our taste and packaging idea. Right from the beginning we were determined that we would be very much involved in the design process.

Seahorses and Botanicals

The Midland’s iconic Seahorse had to make an appearance, and to celebrate ten years since re-opening, we wanted to feature 10 Botanicals. The name of the gin almost made itself – Seahorse No. 10.

We did some research on the various botanicals and decided to sample three distinct briefs …

Fresh , citrusy and fruity

Balanced, piney and dry

Spicy and Floral

Our gin designers produced the 3 different styles of gin using 10 different botanicals in each, which we helped choose, and distilled at 2 different volumes, 43% and 47% abv.

Needless to say, the team at the Midland had an extensive tasting session trying the 6 different gins. After a bit of re-testing and deliberation Seahorse No.10 was born.

The ten botanicals are Juniper, Grains of paradise, Lemon, Rose petals, Elderflower, Lavender, Lemongrass, black cardamom, chamomile flowers and ginger root.

A Limited Edition Memento

We are delighted with the taste of our premium gin. It has a smooth floral profile and a very delicate spice on the finish, perfect for drinking neat over ice, with premium tonic or as a classic martini with a twist of lemon.

It is a great way for people to take away a limited edition memory of our 10 year anniversary of re-opening.

Launched at The Midland’s Gin Festival

Seahorse No.10 was launched on World Gin Day 9th June at our first Midland gin festival where it was sampled and enjoyed by 350 people. It is a great way for people to take away a limited edition memory of our 10 year anniversary of re-opening.

Time for a Refreshing G & T

Come along to the Rotunda at The Midland and sample Seahorse No. 10 for yourself, or perhaps you’ve got a suggestion for an unusual gin cocktail for our friendly Bar Tenders.

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