Seasonal Bird-watching from The Midland

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 by admin

Calling all would be Twitchers to The Midland.Just twenty minutes up the coast from The Midland is Arnside and Silverdale, area of outstanding natural beauty. Right in the heart of this beauty spot is RSPB Leighton Moss, home to a spectacular array of wildlife and birds.

Photo: RSBP Leighton Moss

Autumn Sightings

Open from dawn until dusk, autumn is the time you might catch a glimpse of rutting red deer in the evening. It’s also the time to catch starling murmurations swirling above the reed beds. Another curious sight is the large number of egrets who gather in the trees at dusk and look like festive decorations in the fading light.

Photo: RSBP Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss has a diverse range of habitats, including reeds, woodland, coastal marsh and saltwater lagoons. Indeed, it is the largest reed bed in northern England. The wetlands provide home for important breeding populations, all year round favourite sightings are Bearded Tits, Stars Avocet, Bittern and Marsh Harriers. Autumn brings a huge influx of waders.  

Vital Conservation

The important conservation work of the RSPB is always prevalent at Leighton Moss, and includes extensive reed cutting in summer and winter, whilst managing water levels all year round.

Mudflats and saltmarsh around Morecambe Bay support important wintering populations of oystercatcher and breeding redshanks and wintering wildfowl. The rare high brown and pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly thrive in the carefully managed limestone grassland and woodland.

Photo: RSBP Leighton Moss

Year Round Activities

There are lots of activities at Leighton Moss throughout the year for adults and children, but the autumn calendar includes … 


Binocular and Telescope Weekends

Throughout the year, drop in on certain specified dates and meets the team who will give you advice about the right type of binocular and telescopes for a future in birdwatching. Take the opportunity to try them outdoors and see what works for you.  

Photo: RSBP Leighton Moss

Birding for Beginners

On specified Sundays throughout the year, until the end of November, why not take a wildlife walk with Andy Chapman to learn more about identifying wetland birds and Leighton Moss as their habitat. Included in the price is a bacon or veggie butty afterwards. Pre-booking and sensible clothes and footwear are essential.  

Plan a Birdwatching Break

Where better to come back to after a day’s bird watching than The Midland? Take a look at our Hotel Deals and start planning a few days on the beautiful Morecambe Bay coast.   

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