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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 by plusonemanager

We’ve just completed our first monthly MyZone challenge – congratulations to our three worthy winners! Perhaps you’ve not heard about our competitive fitness community yet. Emma Robinson, Low Wood Bay Fitness Instructor, explains all.  

MY ZONE is simply a  heart rate tracking monitor, usually referred to as a MZ-3 Belt and can be worn easily and comfortably at the centre of the chest /top of the sternum. Using the belt any lower doesn’t give us a heart rate reading so it is important that it is placed correctly for accurate results. It displays real time heart rate, calories and percentage of effort.
The MY ZONE app is available to download on any smartphone or computer and, once registered and after some minimal set up like gender, d.o.b, height and weight, you are ready to go. Your individual maximum heart rate reading is calculated, a simple formula 220 minus age, which gives an upper limit of how much your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. Once calculated MY ZONE will differentiate the 5 different heart rate training zones.

  • Grey ZONE = 50-59% of your maximum heart rate
  • Blue ZONE = 60-69& of your maximum heart rate
  • Green ZONE = 70-79% of your maximum heart rate
  • Yellow ZONE = 80-89% of your maximum heart rate
  • Red ZONE = 90-100% of you maximum heart rate

It is recommended that you exercise within 55%-85% of your maximum heart rate for at least 20/30 minutes.
The wonderful fitness tool, the MY ZONE heart rate belt, will tell you exactly which zone you are working in during physical exercise, whether you are in a Zumba class, running on the treadmill or even taking a steep hike outside. Remember that MY ZONE IS NOT an indication of fitness levels, but EFFORT levels and how hard we can challenge ourselves during physical activity. Your heart rate is a true reflection of one thing you can control –  effort.
With each training zone comes MEPS – simply My ZONE effort points. Dependent on which training zone you are you will be rewarded with these points. For example:

  • Every minute spent in the grey zone you will receive 1 MEP point per minute
  • Every minute spent in the blue zone you will receive 2 MEP points per minute
  • Every minute spent in the green zone you will receive 3 MEP points per minute
  • For every minute spent in the yellow and red zone you will receive 4 MEP points per minute

The more effort, the more points. And what do points mean? PRIZES. In the coming months, Low Wood Bay Health Club will be running competitions for our ever-growing MYZONE community and your effort points will be rewarded. What a great way to bring together our members at the Low Wood Bay Health Club.
As a Health Club member, you are able to use MY ZONE in classes and in the gym. Once registered your personal tile will appear on the screens in the gym and class studio. Here you are able to monitor you effort levels easily. The personal tile is a small square portrayed to show you your results and will be shown on the studio and gym screens giving you an accurate result of your work out time.
Even better, you aren’t restricted to using this tool just at the Health Club.  So, if you take off on a weekend walk, run or cycle your monitor will continue collecting your effort points.
The heart rate belt automatically uploads your workout to your phone via blue tooth – nice and simple. You can track this every day and see training zones, average heart rate and calories burned.
If you are a member here at Low Wood Bay Health Club our fully qualified instructors will be more than happy to help set your MYZONE system up and answer any questions you might have.

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