My Day at Low Wood Bay Watersports

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 by admin

English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues are committed to providing quality employment opportunities and experiences for young people from the UK and overseas. The Marketing team have enjoyed welcoming Samuele Caruso who has been discovering some of the attractions at Low Wood Bay... 

Perfect Place for a Memorable Holiday

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the country and has many unique attractions which English Lakes are committed to looking after for future generations to enjoy.


The most spectacular view of the Lake District at 10.00 a.m!

My name's Samuele Caruso and I've lived in Turin, Northern Italy for sixteen years. Last year I moved to Newcastle and have just finished my AS exams at Gosforth Academy High School. At the start of the year  I decided to study German and PE as I enjoyed both subjects in Italy. In the future I really want to go to University and hopefully study Languages as I really like travelling and getting to know different cultures and traditions.

I'm the teenager in the middle during a summer camp in Torre Pellice - Italy

During the final two weeks of term I've been doing work experience. The first week I worked in a nursery in Liverpool as a teaching assistant. This week I've been working with the Group Marketing department of English Lakes Hotels in the beautiful Lake District hotels.

Lots of Activities on Offer

DSC_0181.JPG Perfect spot for relaxing

Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre offers a wide range of activities suitable for any age. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner as the Watersports Centre offers qualified instructors, all the necessary equipment and modern training techniques to facilitate your learning. You only need to be enthusiastic and ready to have an amazing time, especially if the weather is good!

The huge list of activities means that there is something for everyone to enjoy from gentle canoeing or boat hire to the thrill of learning to waterski or the adrenelin-fuelled Flyboarding.


Flyboarding at Low Wood BayDSC_0064.JPG Paddleboarding is really popular

Surfing and Bodyboarding are extremely popular when there is a decent swell to ride. During these activities children are able to overcome their fears, reach targets and appreciate the help of the staff team.

The Lake District is also a perfect place to go with the family as it is safe and protected for children. A lot of people just hire boats as they are an excellent way to explore the lake and discover new parts of the countryside.

My Experience

DSC_0111.JPG View of the Hotel from the Lake

On Tuesday after work I tried paddleboarding with David Neale, English Lakes Commercial Director. At the start I wasn't very keen on getting wet as the water was very cold but once I got on the board I enjoyed refreshing myself in the Lake and admiring the beautiful view.

DSC_0050.JPG Paddleboard Instruction

The most challenging part was trying to balance on the board as the waves increased and tried to knock us off. I personally think this experience has helped me to increase my self-confidence and I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking an adventurous and exciting holiday.


Dad relaxing while the children work hard

During the day it was surprising to see all sorts of people trying Watersports, from children to older people. I had the privilege to have a chat with a family who had hired a canoe and heard what a great experience they'd had and how the children had loved it. I overheard the little girl say to her Mum,

Can we come back tomorrow morning Mummy?


Here is a girl doing paddleboarding with a huge smile on her face!

I'm totally convinced Watersports are a good form of entertainment and can add a lot of fun and new challenges to people's holidays. I will definitely come back and hopefully, if the weather allows, I will do Watersports and show my brother my new skills on the paddleboard! I highly recommend people to come here as you go back home having acquired new skills and with good memories of a special holiday!

Author: Samuele Caruso

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