Meet the new Lancaster House Hospitality Managers

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 by admin

Welcome to the three newest members of Lancaster House’s hospitality management team, Claire Adams, Restaurant Manager, Matty Clarke. Bar Manager and Chelsee Rial, Food and Beverage Manager. They tell us a little about themselves…

What brought you into Hospitality? 

Claire: I started working in nightclubs when I was eighteen. This took me all around the country over the next ten years – Swansea, Plymouth, Manchester, Castleford, Rochdale, Bolton. In 2006 I decided to move to working in pubs. After buying a house in Lancaster I fancied trying a 9 – 5 job, but after three years I was drawn back into hospitality management. I joined the team at Lancaster House in 2017.

Matty: I started working part-time at Lancaster House in 2008 whilst having another full-time job in a local fabric printing company. I worked between the bar and Foodworks restaurant. When the opportunity came up in 2017 to become full-time Bar Manager in Lancaster House Sandeman Bar I jumped at the chance.  

Chelsee:  I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do and was at college studying IT. Whilst there I started working part-time in a local butchers and loved every minute of it.  It inspired me to start cooking at home. That’s when I knew that I wanted to become a Chef. I did my Professional Cookery & Patisserie qualification and then worked as a chef in a small family hotel for a couple of years before moving to run a kitchen in a bistro style café.

After a few years I signed up for a foundation degree in Events Management. Then I worked in Fleetwood as a chef catering for functions & events and moved into management after a year before taking up the Food and Beverage Manager role at Lancaster House.

And to Lancaster House?

Claire: After finishing an Open University degree I felt I had the freedom to start a new job and face new challenges. Where better than Lancaster House – the best hotel in Lancaster!  

Matty: Way back in 2008 a friend worked here and recommended me for part-time work. Although I’ve worked in other jobs, I’ve always been part of the team here.   

Chelsee: I was looking for a new challenge in management, I’ve never worked in a large hotel before and thought this would be an amazing opportunity. As soon as I stepped in the door I loved the place.

First impressions?

Claire: Everyone who works here cares about the hotel and their colleagues. This is reflected in the great family atmosphere.

Matty: Family-friendly atmosphere

Chelsee: These last few weeks since taking up the role have been amazing. Eeveryone is so lovely and it’s like you’re working with family. I couldn’t have asked for a better place.

English Lakes annual awards lunch at Lancaster House

Who has Inspired Your Career

Claire: A previous Manager in Swansea called Steve. He encouraged me to believe that I could better my career and with that self-belief I went on to apply for promotions.

Matty: My previous F & B Manager, Gary. He worked his way up from Kitchen Porter to Manager. It inspired me to do the same.

Chelsee:  I love watching MasterChef and Hell’s kitchen. It’s kind of an obsession which made me want to start cooking at home.

Most important lessons along the way?

Claire: Never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.

Matty: How to run a bar professionally and well.

Chelsee: I agree with Claire, always be prepared to get stuck in and don’t regard anything beneath you.  

Top tip for managing in the F & B industry?

Claire: Lead by example and work with the team rather than above them.

Matty: Be organised, adaptable, friendly and approachable.

Chelsee: Always be the person you would want to work for.

Favourite dish from Lancaster House menu?

Claire: De-constructed Lamb Hotpot. It’s traditional but Chef has put his own stamp on it and made it different.

Matty: De-constructed Lamb Hotpot

Chelsee:  Even though I work in catering I am an extremely fussy eater and like to make my own dish up when I go out to eat, but I absolutely love the lamb hotpot deconstruction. A classic!

All agreed then!

Chef Damien serves up his de-constructed Lancashire Hot Pot

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