Low Wood Fitness Instructor Through to World Championships

Monday, February 26, 2018 by admin

We are incredibly proud of Low Wood Bay Health Club fitness instructor, Emma Robinson. She has just qualified to go through to European and World Championships, making her dream of being the world strongest woman that little bit closer. She tells us about her latest competition success in the British Single Lift Championships. 

Top Three to Qualify

I was competing to quality for the European Championships in Dublin and World Championships in Malta this year, so the pressure was on. This was the British National Single Lift Championships in Weston Super Mare on 17th February. I was with my team from Lean Body Systems and the North West Division.

I’d qualified for the event earlier in the year. Now I knew I had to be placed in the top three to qualify and go through to European and World Championships.

Rather than a full power competition where all lifts are included – Squat, Bench and Deadlift – this was a single lift championship only. I chose to compete Squat and Deadlift. As much as I love Deadlifting, Squat was my priority at this competition. The current world record for my weight category and age group is 135 kg and my goal was to smash this.

Top in Category & Personal Best

The first lift that I opened with on the Squat was 120 kg, I managed this lift fine but the referees either side failed the lift on depth by an inch or so. Second lift was 127.5 kg which I also completed and, this time, depth was fine. The third lift was 132.5 kg. I also did this lift but again there was a slight depth issue by an inch or so.

All lifts for Squat were competition personal bests and the 132.5 kg, an all-time personal best. Over double body weight. Because I didn’t pass the third lift I wasn’t able to go for a fourth lift world record. However with the 127.5 kg lift I came overall top in my category and won the Squat which qualified me for Malta and Dublin.

Deadlifts I got all my lifts. 130 kg, 140 kg and 145kg, the last two being competition personal bests. I wish I had gone up to 150kg for my third lift as this would have placed me in 3rd position. There were some very strong dead lifters. But I placed 4th. I was really happy. Really happy considering this was my first ever British National competition.

Team Sets New Records

All in all a very great competition and everyone in the team did exceptionally well obtaining new personal bests, British and World records.

Next stop … Malta.

We wish Emma and the team every success and we will be cheering her on all the way! 

Join the Club

It’s incredible that Emma started her training for weight lifting competitions only a year ago. For more information about Emma’s journey, her training schedule, or indeed, how you can start training for your own fitness goals, call us on 015394 39344. One of our team will be happy to talk you through the facilities and the membership options. Better still why not try one of our Health Club Experience Days and find out first hands what’s on offer. 

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