Learn to Paddleboard at Low Wood Bay

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 by admin

Meet Katy Gilbert, one of our Low Wood Bay Watersports instructors. Katy started Paddleboarding three years ago whilst working at Low Wood Bay. She loved the sport, and decided to do her BSUPA Level 1 instructor qualification .

She said,

It’s a very chilled out sport, but does end up as a full body workout.

We asked her to tell us basics to get us started.

How to Paddleboard

There are 3 positions on a Paddleboard

  • Prone – lying on your stomach and paddling out with your hands
  • Kneeling on the middle of the board
  • Standing up in the centre of the board

Many people initially struggle to stand up, often trying to get up too soon. It’s best to work your way up through the three positions rather than rushing and falling in.  

There’s a centre pad on which is positioned a handle. Stand with your feet hip width apart either side of the handle. Bend your knees slightly for stability against waves/wind. Pull the paddle towards you to move the board forward. 

Using the Paddle 

Adjust the paddle to the correct length for your height

Put one hand on top of the pole, one hand on the shaft of the pole

With each stroke, the entire blade needs to be fully submerged pulling the water towards your feet to get the best performance.

Top Tip:

Take your time! Many people rush to stand up straight away and end up spending more time in the water than out. Therefore people get cold and tired very quickly.

Who is the activity suitable for? 

Everyone! – you can make Paddleboarding as intense or as placid as you wish, so the sport can suit all ages. 

Book Some Tuition

Drop in and chat to Katy and the team at Low Wood Watersports Centre or give them a call on 015394 39441 for details of Paddleboard tuition and hire. 

Our thanks, as always, to Lotti Ducksbury, one of the Low Wood Bay Watersports team, for providing some of these photos. 

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