Lancaster House Celebrates Another Splendid Wedding

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 by admin

You may remember the wedding diary we shared of our very own Jessica Roscoe from Lancaster House Group Sales department. Jessica told the story of the romantic proposal, and the three year’s of preparation up to the wedding of their dreams. She now continues the story and shares her memories of the big day itself. 

It’s Actually Happening

So the week of the wedding is finally here! It really doesn’t seem real that we’re actually getting married this week!

On Wednesday I went to the jewellers and picked up my necklace and earrings and they look amazing. It make me feel really honoured and special to be wearing James’ Gran’s pearls on our wedding day. We’ve also packed up the car with all the things we need to take down to Lancaster House.

Pre-Wedding Feast

We both felt a lot more chilled once we arrived at Lancaster House because everything was in the hands of our lovely wedding coordinator and the hotel staff. We had a glass of prosecco and waited for my family to arrive. We had decided on a pre-wedding evening meal together with my family and bridesmaids. We had the Sunday lunch (on a Thursday night!) sharing platters. They were amazing! Chef came out and carved the beef in front of us which made it seem even more special.   

Emotional Roller Coaster

On the day of the wedding, we woke up ridiculously early! I shared a room with my bridesmaids Steph and Layla, and my sister joined us for breakfast at 6:30am before starting to get ready. I didn’t feel emotional until I sat down to have my makeup done and then it hit me like a big train!

The girls got into their bridesmaid dresses and then it was time to get me in mine! Seeing myself in my dress, with my hair and makeup done made me well up as I felt like a princess and it made everything seem real. My Dad came in to take me down the stairs and seeing the expression on his face was quite emotional. Even more so when he revealed that he had bought me a bracelet to wear that is engraved with the wedding date on.

Eyes for Only You

As soon as I saw James standing at the bottom of the aisle, I completely forgot about everyone else in the room, it’s almost like I had tunnel vision and could only see him.

After the ceremony we had our drinks reception in the hotel reception and it was so cosy and welcoming. Then Clare, our wedding co-ordinator, showed us the room prepared for the wedding breakfast. I just couldn’t believe how good it looked – Clare and her team did an amazing job to exceed my imaginings.

We did the speeches before the meal so that the men could eat their meal without being too nervous. All of them were brilliant and lovely and I love to watch them back from the recordings that some of our friends took. The food…what can I say? It was perfect! We felt it was a big risk offering steak for so many people but everything was perfect. David was a star! He looked after us so well and made sure everyone had a drink at all times. He honestly couldn’t do enough for us and it really made us feel special.

Get the Party Started

Our DJ for the evening was Gary Mills and he was brilliant and really got the dancing started.  We partied until after midnight. We went back up to the room at the end of the night (early hours of Saturday morning!) and found that Lancaster House had left us a present of an engraved photo frame with our names and the wedding date. It is little things like this that really made us feel special. 

We honestly didn’t want to leave the hotel and I know a lot of our guests didn’t want to either. 

Our perfect day!

Weddings at Lancaster House

Our warmest congratulations to Jessica and James as they set out on married life together. 

If you are planning your wedding, why not take advantage of a no-obligation personal show round with one of our dedicated wedding co-ordinators. They’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and help start your planning. Call  01524 585 175

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