Introducing Low Wood Bay Health Club & Spa Beauty Therapists

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 by admin

We are delighted to introduce Michelle Brass and Lucy Grannel, our therapists at Low Wood Bay Health Club & Spa. They gave us the low down on their favourite products, the most interesting place they have visited and what annoys them the most …

Describe yourself in three words

Michelle:          Down to earth, funny, caring

Lucy:               Caring, Sharp and Focused

Tell us about your career so far?

Michelle: I’ve been a therapist or 12 years, starting out at Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest Aqua Sana for over seven years before becoming self-employed. I’ve trained with product houses such as Elemis, Decléor, Carita Paris and many more. I joined the Low Wood Bay team as Head Therapist in March 2016.

 Lucy: I studied Beauty Therapy at Kendal College and gained lots of experience in a local salon. I   started my career at The Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa in July 2015.   

Favourite ESPA product, and why?

Michelle: ESPAOptimal Skin Pro-cleanser, a 3 in 1 cleanser, exfoliator and mask. It has an amazing fragrance and leaves the skin feeling fresh and bright. 

Lucy: I have two ESPA products that I love! The Overnight Hydration Therapy Mask, so simple to use and it makes my skin feel absolutely amazing. The second is The Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.  Having bleached hair it can tend to be very dry, but this makes it feel so nourished.

Favourite nail colour?

Michelle : I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite nail colour as there’s too many to choose from.  It all depends what mood I’m in or what event I have coming up! 

Lucy: My favourite nail colour has to be baby blue! However I do love a classic French for certain occasions!

What’s the most interesting place you have visited?

Michelle: Cambodia, inspiring place with a rich culture and smiley people.

Lucy: It would have to be Egypt. We went through the desert on camels and went swimming with fish in the corals. There are lots of other places on my wish-list including America and the tropical islands.

What do you do outside of work?

Michelle: I enjoy spending my free time catching up with family, going on long walks and cocktails with the girls.

Lucy: spend a lot time with my dog Milo. He is a one year old Black Labrador and always full of energy, so needs a lot of walking.

What is the one thing that annoys you the most?

Michelle: Queuing! I’m obviously not a typical Brit!

Lucy: Bad driving! Snail’s pace driving, people that pull out in front of you without warning, those that don’t thank you when you let them out, driving too close etc etc.

The Snug at Low Wood Bay

When you visit The Snug we promise that you will not have to queue and Lucy will make no judgements on your driving! Michelle, Lucy and the team will be more than happy to explain our treatment menu and let you sample some products from our extensive beauty range. 

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