Introducing Annabel, Low Wood Bay Spa Manager

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 by admin

Welcome to The Snug! 

In an exciting week when we opened the doors of The Snug, our new treatment rooms offering manicures, pedicures, massage, facials and men’s grooming, we are delighted to introduce you to Annabel, Low Wood Bay Spa Manager. As a way of getting to know her, we threw a few questions in her direction which she handled with ease … 

Tell us a little about your training in Beauty and Spa Management?

I began my training at Champneys International College of Health and Beauty. This is an intensive one-year program at one of one the top Spa Groups in the world. Although it was intense, I got a real taste of what it is like to be working in a 5-star Spa. We worked with clients who expected therapists to reflect the excellent reputation of Champneys. After graduation I went straight into work at Soho House. Although I was nervous at first, I gained so much confidence as a therapist working with a number of high profile clients including celebrities and royalty.

This is my first managerial role, however I have been working closely with Michael Kay, Low Wood Bay Leisure Manager, who has lots of experience in the industry and is giving me lots of guidance and support as we get ready for the exciting opening of Low Wood Bay Spa. 

What sort of atmosphere and vibe are you hoping to create at The Snug and The Spa?

Many people associate the atmosphere of Spas as being slightly intimidating and sometimes quite pretentious. I want to create the total opposite. Don’t get me wrong, this will still be a peaceful space but at the centre of our Vision is comfort, a home away from home and somewhere people can properly relax in an informal environment.

What are your top three health and beauty tips?

This is a difficult one, however I would have to say:

1. Wear sun cream! My Mum has great skin and has always told me sun cream is her best kept secret.

2. Wash your make-up brushes. That’s something that is often forgotten, but it is so essential, and…

3. When I was at college we had so many clients whose skin issues were related to dehydration, so drink water and plenty of it!

Who inspires you, and why? 

I have a number of inspirations, but at the moment I am developing a product range for the new Spa and have been learning a lot about Susan Harmsworth who is the founder of ESPA. Not only is she a female entrepreneur, but she has also developed a range of products for people suffering with cancer which I think is really inspirational.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal what would it be, and why?

I have a springer spaniel called Lily who is my favourite animal, so if I had to be an animal it would probably be a dog just so that I can spent more time with her.

If you were allowed only five beauty products in your life, including make-up, what would they be?

Sun cream
Hair Oil

Which night out would score top marks from you? … 

a. Dancing the night away with your best buddies
b. Candlelit dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant
c. Movie and popcorn night in with the family

Well all three sound amazing and something I would love to do, so I’m going to have to break the rules and say … dinner followed with dancing the night away, however I’d invite my family as we are always together!

Great answers! Thank you Annabel. 
To find out more or to book your treatment call Annabel and her team on 015394 39344 or visit

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