Enjoy the Theatre and Arts when you stay at The Midland

Monday, October 21, 2019 by admin

Morecambe is a hub of creativity, attracting artists, designers, musicians and actors to this beautiful stretch of coastline. The Midland enjoys the privileged position of being right in the heart of this artistic and cultural evolution. Take a look at what’s on our doorstep.

Headlands To Headspace Sculptures 

Photo: Robin Zahler

Chris Drury, internationally-acclaimed environmental artist has created a walk-in, stone built ‘cloud chamber’ called Horizon Line Chamber. Situated at the dramatic and ever-changing landscape of Sunderland Point, as you take a seat inside the structure, a lens installed into the sea-facing wall projects an inverted image of the coastal scene outside. Drury commissioned Cumbria-based master craftsman stonemason Andrew Mason who used local reclaimed stone to build the structure in the shape of an upturned boat.

Photo: Robin Zahler

Drury has fourteen unique sculptures around the world, offering peaceful shelter to all who enter.  

Anna Gillespie is a contemporary figurative sculptor. In her work to explore where the urban experience meets the natural environment, she has created the dramatic and thought-provoking SHIP at Half Moon Bay.  

Photo: Anna Gillespie

The striking steel sculpture has two figures on opposing bows of a boat, looking in opposite directions. The simultaneous gaze out to see and back towards the land expresses the extremes of departure and return.

Live Entertainment at The Platform

The Platform is a restored Edwardian railway station and offers live music, comedy, theatre, children’s shows and community events. 

The Platform has a full programme of events from the world of Rock & Roll, Country, Classical, Folk, Festivals, Children's Theatre and lots more. Take a look at What's On and plan your visit.  


Book a Break at The Midland

The Midland is the perfect base to enjoy the activities and events in the area. Comfortable rooms, amazing sea views, great food and, of course, the iconic Afternoon Tea at The Midland. Take a look at our Special Hotel Deals and plan your itinerary.

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