English Lakes Service Awards – An Opportunity to say Thank You!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 by admin

On 14th June 1997, our previous Managing Director, Michael Berry, was awarded the O.B.E. for services to training and tourism in Cumbria. Twenty years later, English Lakes strives to continue that legacy of training within the industry.

An important part of recognising the achievements of our employees is our quarterly Service Awards Lunches, attended by the entire Board of Directors. This is an opportunity to say thank you to team members for their previous twelve months service, and to present English Lakes vouchers and other significant +1 awards for service that goes above and beyond expectations.

The most recent Service Award Lunch was held at The Midland, and we’ve shared a few of the photos and comments from the event below.

Ben Berry, grandson of the late Michael Berry, commented.

It is a privilege to attend the Service Award lunches and to sit alongside fellow team members that make English Lakes what it is today. There are many many years experience in the tourism and hospitality industry represented at these events, not to mention the skill, loyalty, dedication, and good humour.

Ben Andy Lemm, General Manager Lancaster House, acknowledged for 22 years service in the company.

Simon Berry, CEO, thanking Andy Lemm for 22 years service

The Service Awards lunches are something that I am very proud to attend and have only missed one out of the twenty-two I have been invited to. For myself, and for the team, it simply highlights each individual’s commitment to their role and to the business.  The recognition is something that shows the company’s appreciation of the team member’s hard work over the previous 12 months. Andy Lemm

Paul Bell, Low Wood Bay,  10 years service

Daniel Fox, Waterhead, 11 years service

L to R: Paul Bell, Simon Berry and Daniel Fox[/caption]

Service Awards lunches are a great way to hear about what else is going on around the company, catching up with colleagues from other hotels and enjoying a beautiful meal together. Dan Fox

Our +1 awards are given for service that goes above and beyond expectations. A silver +1 award marks the achievement of 10 +1 Awards.

Karla Valente, The Midland, Silver +1  and 4 year’s service,

Stefan Constantin, The Wild Boar, Silver +1 and 1 year’s service

Jamie Walker, The Midland, Silver +1 and 4 year’s service

L to R: Karla Valenta, Janette Berry, Simon Berry, Stephan Constantin and Jamie Walker

The Awards Lunch is a great way to recognise staff achievement and their contribution to the +1 way of working. It’s also an ideal opportunity to meet with the Directors and staff from other hotels. (Plus, the food is always amazing!!) Karla Valenta

Talking about food … here is the menu that they enjoyed at the Awards Lunch.

Smoked duck  Orange and walnut salad Burrata  Char grilled sour dough cherry vine tomato and basil gel *** Slow cooked pork  Boulangere potatoes, caramelised apple greens and cider sauce  Celeriac and cumin roast carrot pastia Saute globe artichoke, baby carrots, baby leeks and chervil oil     *** Mango delice Pineapple and chilli dressing, lime cream  ***

Nevil Jeffery, General Manager Low Wood Bay, 14 years service

Gemma Jeffery, Low Wood Bay, 14 years service

Debbie Oliver, Low Wood Bay, 16 years service

Gavin Graham, Low Wood Bay, 14 years service

Paul Brown, Low Wood Watersports, 14 years service

 L to R: Nevil Jeffery, Gemma Jeffery, Simon Berry, Debbie Oliver, Gavin Graham and Paul Brown[/caption]

Awards Lunches are a great way to reward the staff and make each one feel appreciated. The awards lunches also enable staff members to experience the other hotels and meet colleagues within the company. Nevil Jeffery

It is great to get together and see colleagues and to be rewarded with a celebration for service. The voucher scheme also allows staff to treat themselves throughout the year which is an extra reward in itself. Gemma Jeffery

The lunches are a great ‘thank you’ from the directors and are motivating. Its lovely to be thanked and rewarded in this way. Debbie Oliver

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