Cumbrian Christmas Cheeseboard at Waterhead

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the kitchen at Waterhead as Head Chef Nick makes the final preparations for festive banqueting. With rich pickings of produce from a range of local suppliers, Nick invited Barry Carr from The Cheese Larder in Kendal to help select a fabulous Cumbrian Christmas Cheeseboard. We think you will love their final choice …

Enjoy Waterhead's festive cheeseboard with fantastic views over Lake Windermere
Enjoy Waterhead’s festive cheeseboard with fantastic views over Lake Windermere

Blue Whinnow

Blue Whinnow
Blue Whinnow

A delicately blued cheese with a supple body – good partnered with a dry sherry.

Thornby Moor Dairy, eight miles west of Carlisle, is run by Carolyn and Leonie Fairbairn. The adventure began in 1979 when Carolyn started making cheeses using milk from her own small herd of goats. Their vision was, and continues to be, to capture the essence of Cumbria in their cheeses. After what they describe as ‘lots of perseverance, and a good deal of trial and error’, Thornby Moor can boast a unique range of great flavour cheeses. Carolyn credits the cleanliness and quality of their milk supply.

Garstang White

Garstang White
Garstang White

A brie-style recipe made with deliciously creamy Jersey milk sourced from local farms.  Mild, beautifully creamy – with a hint of mushrooms!  Pair it with Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and sparkling wines.

Dewlay is a family-owned third generation Lancashire based cheesemaker. Founded in 1957 by George Kenyon who built up a reputation for producing the very best Lancashire cheese. Today the dairy is managed by George’s grandsons, Nick and Richard. All their cheeses are produced using fresh pasteurised milk from farms located within a 6 mile radius of the dairy. Dewlay cheese recipes originate with their own unique starter culture which was developed on site more than 40 years ago. They’ve been planning the Garstang White cheese for some time and they are thrilled it is finally available to customers.

Eden Valley Brie

Eden Valley Brie
Eden Valley Brie

White mould ripened cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk. It’s flavour fills the mouth with intensity and a luxurious creamy texture.

Maurice Walton was born and bred in Appleby-in-Westmorland, historic market town, renowned for cheese making. His experience produced 14 varieties of handmade cheese. Now, head cheese-maker at Appleby Creamery, Tom Jackson, continues that legacy using traditional recipes and milk from sheep and goats which graze the hills and fells of Cumbria. The distinctive cheeses have accumulated over 20 nationally recognised industry accolades and named ‘Best Producer’ in the Taste Cumbria awards.

Westmorland Smoked From Cheddar

Selected farm made Cheddar chosen by the Cheese Larder for its firm yet creamy texture. It is locally smoked over whisky barrel oak chippings which gives it a smooth, mellow flavour.

Barry and Chris Carr have been specialist cheese suppliers since 1990, originally as deli-retailers in Kendal, but responding to an increased demand from local hotels and restaurants, decided to concentrate on wholesale supply in 2005. With their vision for excellent, personalised customer service combined with their extensive knowledge of cheese, the business grew rapidly and they moved to larger premises at Lakeland Food Park in 2010.

Waterhead Head Chef, Nick meets with Barry of The Cheese Larder
Waterhead Head Chef, Nick meets with Barry of The Cheese Larder

Barry comments,

One of the things we particularly enjoy doing is working with local Chefs, advising them on the best combination of cheeses for their speciality cheese boards.

Waterhead Bar & Grill is now serving this fantastic selection of locally produced cheeses. Book a table at Waterhead

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