I Love to Bake … National Baking Week

There is a whole lot of baking going on this week due to the fact that it’s NATIONAL BAKING WEEK. I don’t need an excuse to bake. Ever since I saw Delia Smith on Saturday Swap Shop, I have loved to bake. Weekends were spent meticulously weighing out ingredients onto my mums glass saucers from her ‘trendy’ 1970’s tea set, pretending I was in front of lights and cameras. The BBC never called for me, but my love of baking remained.

Being married with 4 children, I used to make all the normal rice crispy treats and jam tarts with my children, then my mum bought me a children’s novelty cake book and I decided to have a go. The first cake I did was a teddy bears picnic cake for my twins first birthday. After their party a friend asked me to do her daughters birthday cake and then at her party another friend asked to do a cake and so its snowballed by word of mouth.


My housewife / mum days came to an end when the children all started school so I had to get a proper grown up job. I started in Central Reservations for English Lakes in August 2009 and decided when I knew it was someone’s birthday I would make some cup cakes for the office to share. I have been doing this now for 4 years and I love the reaction the cakes get, especially when I theme them to the birthday boy/girls favourite things, pastimes or hobbies.

Sugar paste, Sprinkles and Glitter -  Spoilt for choice in a bakers pantry
Sugar paste, Sprinkles and Glitter – Spoilt for choice in a bakers pantry

Over the years I have collected all sorts of baking and decorating tools. I have bookcases heaving with books which I read like novels and cupboards full of equipment and ingredients so I can bake whenever I feel like it which is most days. If I didn’t bake I’d only be sat in front of the TV…… watching cookery and baking programmes.


  • Written by Denise Barns, Central Reservations at English Lakes

2 thoughts on “I Love to Bake … National Baking Week

    1. This was made for a colleague’s friend who loved pokemon back in the day – did you notice he’s wearing a Tottenham Hotspur football shirt?

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