Reaching Your Fitness Goals

The Sandpiper Gym
The Sandpiper Gym

We all know reaching your fitness goals is not easy, it is often a daunting task. Every once in a while we occasionally need pointing in the right direction.

At The Sandpiper Club, the team are on hand to give members the support needed to reach personal fitness goals. For some this might be an exercise planning session with our qualified trainers, for others they might require the benefits of one-on-one personal training for support and mentoring every step of the way.

AliAli Matthews is The Sandpiper Club’s qualified trainer and over the next few weeks Ali and his client, Sally, are going to take us through some simple exercises to help get you started on ‘reaching your fitness goals’.

Before the first video, here is Sally’s story…

Sally’s Story


I’m 44, a single mum to 7-year old Siobhan and work for the NHS. For eighteen years, shift-work meant that eating habits were erratic – often eating late a night or snacking through the day. These days, I work office hours and find it easier to stick to set meal times. As my job is now more sedentary, I have to be more determined to fit exercise into my busy schedule. Exercising is my time, when I am left in peace to think and relax.

I’ve always enjoyed exercise, particularly competitive sport and exercise that makes me “sweaty and red in the face.” Until I had Siobhan I was involved in the TA for 17 years and played hockey and took part in other sporting competitions. However, for a long time I did the same type of exercise with no real change in my fitness levels.

Doing a Squat and Shoulder Press
Doing a Squat and Shoulder Press

I’ve always struggled to maintain my weight, particularly that gained during pregnancy. When I have shed significant weight, I’ve ended up putting it back on, and more! I eat when I’m bored and fed up.

I have been training with Ali for 2 years now and each session is different. We combine both cardio exercises with weights and strength exercises.  Sometimes we will go outside to train and he also gives me helpful advice about diet and healthy living.

Doing a Tricep Dumbbell Kickback
Doing a Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

These sessions motivate me to work that bit harder and when I am ready to give up, Ali encourages me to keep going. By setting attainable goals we both know how I am progressing and now do exercises that I couldn’t do when we first started, for example tummy tucks and full press ups.

The sessions have helped me to maintain my weight loss and I can now have treats without feeling guilty. I am also physically fitter and more toned, dropping another dress size since we started and now proudly wearing my size 12 jeans.

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