Lake District Attractions Driving Directions

visitor_city =;
visitor_region = google.loader.ClientLocation.address.region;
visitor_country =;
visitor_city = “Lancaster”;
visitor_region = “Lancashire”;
visitor_country = “UK”;
var map;
var gdir;
var geocoder = null;
var addressMarker;
function load() {
if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {
map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map"));
gdir = new GDirections(map, document.getElementById("directions"));
GEvent.addListener(gdir, "load", onGDirectionsLoad);
GEvent.addListener(gdir, "error", handleErrors);
setDirections(visitor_city + ', ' + visitor_region + ', ' + visitor_country, "LA23 1LP", "en_US");
function setDirections(fromAddress, toAddress, locale) {
gdir.load("from: " + fromAddress + " to: " + toAddress,
{ "locale": locale });
function handleErrors(){
if (gdir.getStatus().code == G_GEO_UNKNOWN_ADDRESS)
alert("No corresponding geographic location could be found for one of the specified addresses. This may be due to the fact that the address is relatively new, or it may be incorrect.\nError code: " + gdir.getStatus().code);
else if (gdir.getStatus().code == G_GEO_SERVER_ERROR)
alert("A geocoding or directions request could not be successfully processed, yet the exact reason for the failure is not known.\n Error code: " + gdir.getStatus().code);
else if (gdir.getStatus().code == G_GEO_MISSING_QUERY)
alert("The HTTP q parameter was either missing or had no value. For geocoder requests, this means that an empty address was specified as input. For directions requests, this means that no query was specified in the input.\n Error code: " + gdir.getStatus().code);
// else if (gdir.getStatus().code == G_UNAVAILABLE_ADDRESS)

Use the form below to enter the hotel you are planning to stay at and the attraction you would like to visit during your stay to get detailed directions and print out before you visit.

From:  Low Wood Waterhead Storrs Hall Famous Wild Boar Lancaster House Midland Hotel
  To:  Brant House Townend Blackwell Art & Crafts House Dove Cottage Abbott Hall Art Gallery Buddhist Temple Holker Hall Puzzling Place! Rheged The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction Cars of the Stars Muncaster Castle Aquarium of the Lakes The Rum Story Pencil Museum The Bond Museum K Village Lakeland Motor Museum
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