Charity 3 Peaks Challenge: Making Time

English Lakes Hotels Charity 3 Peaks Challenge

N10150118264585221_1605The third in a series of guest blog posts from Tim Bell (General Manager of Lancaster House Hotel) and his team as they prepare for the ultimate British Mountain Challenge – Ben Nevis, Sca Fell Pike & Snowdon in 24 hours in aid of English Lakes Hotels sponsored charities Open Arms International and the Primrose House Trust. Follow the teams progress here and on Facebook. Sponsor the team via the JustGiving Open Arms International page, with a JustGiving Primrose House Trust page soon to follow.

Saturday morning, 6.30am and the mobile phone laying on my bedside table,
literally inches from my ear, starts omitting an irritating tune. It's that
brief moment of confusion when your brain which has been rudely dragged away
from a scrummy dream about Ferrari's and Ferrero Rochers has
to make a quick decision – Is someone ringing me? Has there been a major family
crisis? Or have I forgot to cancel the alarm? But then once I've realised that
there's no such thing as a 4ft nut-covered chocolate and I own a Honda as
opposed to a Maranello masterpiece, the reality sinks in. I did set the alarm
for 6.30am!

IMG_0047justgiving website for Open Arms International is up and
The second site for our second chosen charity is going to take a little while
longer as we have to go through a long, drawn-out paper trail to get
Primrose House registered with justgiving and giftaid. So,
please donate whatever you can, but do leave a little bit back for

Training is going well for all parties concerned. Sarah's
training last week however seems to have swamped any efforts put in by the
others in the group. She's also training for a 10k run coming up soon in East
Yorkshire and has regularly been doing 5k's in the gym with the treadmill on
"ascent". This week however she did the full 10k on ascent, but is now battling
with some shin splints which have re-emerged to frustrate her. She'll persevere
though and I'm sure she'll stroll through both challenges with the minimum of

I must take this opportunity though to thank some people. The
facebook group members for their support, of which there are now 125 of them.
English Lakes Hotels for donating the competition prize (details of which are on
the justgiving page) and for publishing the blogs on their own website, my
sister for giving me the belief that I can actually do
this challenge, and of course the fellow 3-peakers for all their hard work and
effort so far.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and let's all make a
difference and raise money for our great charities Open Arms International
& The Primrose Trust.

Tim & The 3-peakers

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